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T'reysar shop is dedicated to selling only limited [edition of 12] art prints.

The word “t'reysar” means "12" in Hebrew.

T'reysar is inspired by my love of books, music and often strange relationship between language and culture, bilingual identity and immigrants identity.

Created with the intention of making an affordable art full of heart and humor for gallery walls at homes of international community of readers, musicians and designers.

This side project showcases the work of myself – Natasha Kravits.

Born and raised in Russia, I ditch med school (sorry mom ︎) to become a self-taught graphic designer.

I am digital product designer at︎
currently living and working in Tel Aviv.

Get in touch

Looking for non-standard art sizes?
Interior designer picking art for a wall gallery?
Reasonably-priced  large works ?

Please email me with any requests.

If you have any questions about your order, shipping or just want to get in touch, please do so through email. I’ll be happy to answer.

You can write to me in russian, english and hebrew.

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